Mapping Ideopatic PD

Mapping the space of Ideophatic-PD

Root causes, diagnosis, testing, treatment protocols, research, anecdotal evidence & case reports, becoming asymptomatic, remaining asymptomatic


  • Root causes

    • Aging processes
    • Calcification
    • Gluten
    • Gut brain
    • Heavy Metals
    • Homocysteine
    • Inflammation
    • Insulin resistance
    • Leaky brain
    • Leaky Gut
    • Lectins
    • Low stomach acid
    • LP(a)
    • LPS
    • Mold
    • MPTP
    • Oxalates
    • Pathogen
    • Reductive stress
    • Root Canal
    • Toxins – Toxic burden
    • Trichloroethylene – TCE
    • α-Synuclein

  • Protocols

  • Topics

    • General
    • FMD
    • Stem Cell
    • In development
    • Measurement
    • Tools
    • Prebiotics
    • Co Q10
    • Resources
    • Cholesterol
    • Circadian
    • Homocysteine
    • Circadian cycle
    • Anti inflammatory
    • physical therapy
    • Book
    • Nutrition
    • BDNF
    • Heat shock protein
    • Misfolded proteins
    • Hydrogen Sulfide-
    • Clinical trials
    • phase 3
    • phase 2
    • FDA
    • Photobiomodulation
    • Infra red NIR
    • Devices
    • Systems approche
    • K2 and D dilema
    • Stress
    • Water
    • Nicotine
    • Joints
    • Knee
    • Bacteraemia
    • Question
    • Cold Exposure
    • Fasting
    • Ketosis
    • Sleep
    • Autoimmunity
    • Treat the food
    • Personalized Nutrition
    • Microbiota
    • antibiotics
    • Vegas nerve
    • Apps
    • Natural alternatives
    • anti viral
    • Default Protocol
    • Mind body
    • Pathogen
    • Autophagy
    • Anti Aging
    • Stop and reverse
    • Life style
    • motor function
    • Testing
    • Neuroprotective
    • Prion like
    • Herbs
    • mulabsorption
    • Antioxidants
    • α-synuclein
    • Probiotics
    • Good Evidence
    • anecdotal evidence
    • Risk factor



TitleRoot CausesConditionsSignificanceRisksInformation_qualityroot_causes_hfilterconditions_hfiltersignificance_hfilterrisk_hfilterinformation_quality_hfilter
Reduce dopamine in the cell to prevent longterm damagepd neurology
Nicotine, ad pd neurology
The parkinson’s epidemic, TCE, Paraquat, neurology pd
Dr Gabor Mate stress and desease, pd stress neurology
Connect the dots » HOPE Shortcut, neurology pd
The Stanford/Dr Tass, Vibration glove treatment for PDpd neurology
MTOR activation may reduce dophamin/l-dopa concentration in the brainpd neurology
Effective Management of “OFF” Episodes in Parkinson’s Disease: Emerging Treatment Strategies and Unmet Clinical Needs, neurology pd
Vitamin B1 mega dose for PDmitochondriapd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Photobiomodulation – Near infra red 10,070 light thearphy for PDpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
PD meds in clinical trial (infographic), , , neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progression symptomatic
Ambroxol as a Disease-modifying Treatment in GBA-PD – Full Text View –, , neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progression
Radical new therapy for Parkinson’s will use stem cell transplants, neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
PD – Reduce Alpha-synuclein level, experimental protocolpd neurology
MSC Stem cell treatment in Panama, , , ad ms neurology pd
Carnivore diet, , , , lectinsad diabetes ms neurology pd
 Basal Ganglia Calcification – rarecalcificationpd neurology
The Parkinson’s Protocol™ By Jodi Knapp pd neurology
Alpha-Synuclein in Parkinson’s Disease: From Pathogenetic Dysfunction to Potential Clinical Application – PMC%ce%b1-synucleinpd neurology
Synucleinopathies – an overview | ScienceDirect %ce%b1-synucleinpd neurology
Vertebrate food products as a potential source of prion-like α-synuclein – PMCpd neurology
Therapeutic Effects of Hydrogen in Animal Models of Parkinson’s Disease – PMCpd neurology
PBM – photobiomodulation for PDpd neurology
Dr Berg – recomeded for PD – B1,B2, fasting, Iron chelatorspd neurology
Parkinson’s Disease – Oxford Recovery Centerpd neurology
Cross-Reactivity and Sequence Homology Between Alpha-Synuclein and Food Products: A Step Further for Parkinson’s Disease Synucleinopathy, neurology pd
PD and basal ganglia calcificationspd neurology
Researchers focus on use of psilocybin to treat PDpd neurology
White Paper | Modeling DMT Strategies for PD | Eviderapd neurology
Stem Cell Institute Panama – where Tony Robins got treatmentpd neurology
Fountain Life  – lab, life force – Tony Robins pd neurology
PD – Functional medicine – Dr. Adiel Tel-Orenpd neurology
Parkinson’s disease treated with Sinemet or Madopar. A controlled multicenter trial – PubMedpd neurology
Effects of tyramine administration in Parkinson’s disease patients treated with selective MAO-B inhibitor rasagiline – PubMedpd neurology
Encephalitis lethargica, inflammation pathogenpd neurology
Probiotic Bacillus subtilis Protects against α-Synuclein Aggregation %ce%b1-synucleinpd neurology
Dietary Plant Lectins transported from the Gut to Gain Access to and Alter Dopaminergic Neurons of Caenorhabditis elegans, a Potential Etiology of Parkinson’s Disease  lectinspd neurology
The diagnostic discrimination of cutaneous α-synuclein deposition in Parkinson disease  %ce%b1-synucleinpd neurology
Chronic Effects of a Wild Green Oat Extract Supplementation on Cognitive Performance in Older Adults  pd neurology
A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of IkT-148009 in Untreated Parkinson’s Disease (early stage PD)pd neurology
strict ketogenic diets vs Keto light versionspd neurology
Probiotic strain Bacillus subtilis PXN21 eats alph-sinuclein pd neurology
Restricting Diet May Reverse Early-Stage Parkinson’spd neurology
Calcium may play a role in the development of Parkinson’s diseasepd neurology
Repurposing anti-diabetic drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s diseasepd neurology
Reduce brain inflammation , , , ad ms neurology pd
How To Tell If Mercury Toxicity Is The Cause Of Your Mysterious Symptoms  pd neurology
Neuroprotective and disease-modifying effects of the ketogenic diet  , , , , ad ms neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier prevention
 Prevent BRAIN INFLAMMATION! | Datis Kharrazian, , , , , , , , , leaky-brain leaky-gutad aging arteriosclerosis cardio-vascular datis-kharrazian ms neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progressionhigh
c.dif as possible cause of PD and other neurological diseases, , , , ad ms neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier q
10 Health Benefits of Low-Carb and Ketogenic Diets, , , , ad ms neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progression
Dietary Plant Lectins Appear to Be Transported from the Gut to Gain Access to and Alter Dopaminergic Neurons of Caenorhabditis elegans, a Potential Etiology of Parkinson’s Disease, gut-brain mitochondriapd neurology
Anti-inflammatory diet: Food list and tipspd neurology
Trichloroethylene (TCE) Toxicity: Where is Trichloroethylene Found? | Environmental Medicine | ATSDRtrichloroethylene-tcepd neurology
SelfHacked – Homepd neurology
SelfDecode 2.0 – SelfDecodepd neurology
The quest for a disease-modifying drug for Parkinson’s disease continues – Drug Discovery and Developmentpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Ending Parkinson’s Disease: A Prescription for Action: Dorsey MD, Ray, Sherer PhD, Todd, Okun MD, Michael S., Bloem MD PhD, Bastiaan R.: 9781541724501: Bookspd neurology
New Avenues for Parkinson’s Disease Therapeutics: Disease-Modifying Strategies Based on the Gut Microbiotapd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Therapeutic Effect of Hydrogen Sulfide-Releasing L-Dopa Derivative ACS84 on 6-OHDA-Induced Parkinson’s Disease Rat Modelpd neurology
Parkinson’s disease and basal ganglia calcifications: prevalence and clinico-radiological correlations – PubMedcalcificationpd neurology
Therapeutic Potential of Exogenous Ketone Supplement Induced Ketosis in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders: Review of Current Literaturepd neurology
How To Fix Forward Head Posture – 3 Easy Exercises (From a Chiropractor)pd neurology
Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello life!: The Gyro–Kinetic Method for Eliminating Symptoms and Reclaiming Your Good Healthpd neurology
NAC supplement may positively effect PDpd neurology
Gluten related PD, , glutenpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progression trigger-disease-development
Keto diet is a better mitochondrial therapy than ketones supplement in Parkinson’s diseasemitochondria-nad mitochondriapd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Fix the posture – nerd neck, rounding, slumpingpd neurologysymptomatic
Calcification of basal ganglia corrolate with PDcalcificationpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Trichloroethylene suspected as major cause  of Idiopathic PDpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Full detox program,  Jon Barron, , , ad ms neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
How To Detox Heavy Metals From Body, , , ad ms neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
Oral Glutamine Increases Circulating GLP-1, Glucagon and Insulin Levels in Lean, Obese and Type 2 Diabetic Subjects, diabetes pd neurologypossible-disease-modifierlowresearch
Stem cell therapy for PD, , , ad diabetes ms pd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Adequate Vitamin B12 and low Homocysteine Levels may slow  progression of PDpd neurologyslow-disease-progressionresearch
Drugs that suppress immune system may protect against Parkinson’s | Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louispd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
probiotics Bacillus subtilis PXN® 21® eliminates alpha-synuclein aggregates, possible PD treatmentpd neurologypossible-disease-modifiermedium
Exenatide, a GLP-1 receptor agonist licensed to treat type 2 diabetes, and recently shown to be associated with reduced severity of PD, diabetes pd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Chelation of iron accumulation in the brain, , ad neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
Herbal medicine for PD, a systemic reviewpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
 A Report of 10 cases of Parkinson’s Disease cured by Xifengzhizhan pills and Xifengzhizhan capsules, Wang Weifan, neurology pdpossible-disease-modifierarticle
LSVT voice therapypd neurologysymptomatic
The Use of Dental Almagam Fillings, , , root-canalad ms neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
Rehabilitation of Mitochondria by Lipid Replacement, , mitochondria-nad mitochondriadiabetes neurology pdslow-disease-progression
Caloric vestibular stimulation (CVS) relieved motor and non-motor symptoms(PD), neurology pdsymptomatic
Low Tyramin dietpd neurology
Future: The A1 astrocyte paradigm: New way for pharmacological intervention in neurodegeneration – PubMed, neurology pdslow-disease-progression
Circadian Biology and PDpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Treatment of Mitochondrial Dysfunction with Natural Supplementsmitochondria-nad mitochondriapd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Could a Carnivore Diet Help with Autoimmune Disorders e.g PDpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Cholesterol Provides Some Protection Against PD pd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Toxic Chemicals, Plants, and Organic Elements that may Trigger Development of PDtoxic-burdenpd neurologytrigger-disease-development
Could Parkinson’s be Caused by Infection?, , pathogenneurology pdpossible-disease-modifier trigger-disease-development
Could Intermittent Fasting/ Caloric Restriction/ Exercise Improve PD Status, neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
In Development: Neuralink’s Brain Implants , to Treat PDpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
The Link Between Helicobacter Pylori and PD?, pd neurologypossible-disease-modifier trigger-disease-development
Types of Keto Testing, Blood Glucose Testing, and Types of Exogenous Ketones, pd neurologypossible-disease-modifier symptomatic
Keto for PD: The William Curtis Storypd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Could Fasting Help Control PD Symptoms?, neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
Interaction of Mitochondria, a-Syn, and the Endo-lysosomal Systempd neurologypossible-disease-modifierarticle
Could α-Synuclein Inhibition be a Treatment for PD?%ce%b1-synucleinpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Ridding Cells of Harmful Protein Aggregates by Inducing Autophagymitochondria-nad mitochondriapd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Can RYR supplements Potentially be Related to a High Risk of PD?pd neurologytrigger-disease-development
Neuronal Autophagy and the Predisposition for PDpd neurologytrigger-disease-development
PD and Autophagy Impairment in Synucleinopathypd neurologytrigger-disease-development
Prebiotics to prevent and treat constipationpd neurologysymptomatic
What is the Potential of Stem Cell Treatment for PD? (YouTube Webinar)pd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Could Coenzyme Q10 be Used as a Supplement for PD Patients?mitochondria-nad mitochondriapd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Initial Pramipexole vs. Initial Levodopa in Early PD – Which is Better?pd neurology
Should Pramipexole be Used in PD Treatment?pd neurology
Potential PD Treatment with Repurposed Drugspd neurology
The Potential of Ambroxol for PD Treatmentpd neurology
Low‐Fat vs Ketogenic Diet for PD?pd neurology
Health Solutions Library for Critical Diseases Including PDleaky-gutpd neurology
Could Creating a Healthy Gut Using FMD Prevent or Treat PD?pd neurology
Metallothioneinpd neurology
ApoE4 Information for Alzheimer’s, and Chronic Diseases Including PD, mitochondria-nad mitochondriaad pd neurology
New Research on NIACIN vs NMNmitochondria-nad mitochondriapd neurology
Review of Possible Use of a Keto Diet in PD Treatmentpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Interview with Dale E. Bredesen, md on Reversing Cognitive Declinepd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Fact Sheet: Dietary Supplements for Primary Mitochodrial Disorders, pd neurologypossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progression
Review: The Role of Dietary Fat in Treatment of Brain Diseases, mitochondria-nad mitochondriapd neurologypossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progression
Use of Ayurveda Herb in PD Treatmentpd neurology
2020 Clinical Trial: Mannitol for PDpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Megadose Vitamin C – As An Antiviral Treatmentpd neurology
All About Xylitoloxalatespd neurology
Vitamin D | Linus Pauling Institute | Oregon State University, pd neurologyslow-disease-progression trigger-disease-development
Benefits of Xylitolpd neurology
Sleep Master Class by Dr. Mark Hymanpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
All About mTOR, mTOR Inhibitors and mTOR Activatorspd neurology
Polyphenols in Parkinson’s Disease: A Systematic Review of In Vivo Studiespd neurologyslow-disease-progression
6 Ways to Activate Autophagy Without Fasting – YouTubepd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Dietary Plant Lectins Appear to Be Transported from the Gut to Gain Access to and Alter Dopaminergic Neurons of warms , a Potential Etiology of PD, , lectinspd neurologypossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progression trigger-disease-development
Learn How Oura Ring Works | The Most Advanced Smart Ringpd neurology
Cold/Hot Exposurepd neurology
Drug-Induced PDpd neurology
Probiotics for PDpd neurology
Probiotics for constipationpd neurologysymptomatic
New treatments for PD, in trialspd neurology
3 day fast-rebuild immune system, Longo, ms pd neurology
Sulforaphane, boost liver enzyme, Broccoli sproutspd neurology
new PD medication –Nourianz (istradefylline) tablets as an add-on treatment Nourianz (istradefylline) tablets as an add-on treatmentpd neurology
Ketosis and Ketosis Supplementsmitochondria-nad mitochondriapd neurology
IP6 Chealatorpd neurology
NADD+ and NADHmitochondria-nad mitochondriapd neurologyslow-disease-progression
David Sinclair personal anti aging supplements protocol, , aging-processes mitochondria-nad mitochondriaaging pd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Autophagy supplementspd neurologyslow-disease-progression
LP(a) lipoprotein(a)lpapd neurology
Keto for PD, Some Evidencepd neurology
stop and reverse PD, the state of the artpd neurology
Vitamin D, , , ad cardio-vascular ms pd neurology
Reductive stress – to much antioxidantsreductive-stresspd neurology
Chronic inflammation and insulin resistance interactions, inflammation insulin-resistancepd neurology
Stop and reverse PDpd neurology
Probiotics for PDpd neurology
Do brain-training games really work?pd neurology
electrolytes including sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride negativly asssociated with Dyskinesia in PDpd neurology
Stem Cell – Repairing the Brain: Cell Replacement Using Stem Cell-Based Technologies – IOS Presspd neurology
CBD – Cannabinoids in PDinflammationpd neurology
נזקי כספית, אמלגם, heavy-metals toxic-burdenpd neurology
Diabetes protocolpd neurology
High Prevalence of Undiagnosed Insulin Resistance in Non-Diabetic Subjects with Parkinson’s Disease – IOS Pressinsulin-resistancepd neurology
Whole body vibration: Neuro-rehab applicationspd neurology
2-deoxy-D-glucose is noeroprotective, ms pd neurology
Leaky Gut protocolleaky-gutpd neurology
Increased intestinal permeability and Parkinson disease patientsleaky-gutpd neurology
Colostrum, for leaky gutleaky-gutpd neurology
Herbal Antibioticspd neurology
Herbal Antiviralspd neurology
Lyme disease protocolpd neurology
Functional Neurological Disorderspd neurology
postpone (vegan source) protein intake until eveningpd neurology
N-hexacosanol and fisetinpd neurology
Detox by sweatheavy-metalspd neurology
The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Agingpd neurology
The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally, insulin-resistancead pd neurology
Hydroxysafflor yellow A promotes α-synuclein clearance via regulating autophagy%ce%b1-synucleinpd neurology
Corynoxine, isolated from Uncaria rhynchophylla, promotes the clearance of alpha-synucleinpd neurology
Q10pd neurology
Mucuna pruriens – Levedopapd neurology
Type 2 diabetes is associated with an increased risk of PDinsulin-resistancepd neurology
Low LDL Colesterol – risk factor for PDpd neurology
mutant (A53T) α-synuclein exhibit impaired autonomic regulation of heart rate characterized by elevated resting heart ratepd neurology
Rapamycinpd neurology
Inflammation, anti inflammatory nutrients, dietinflammationpd neurology
Toxicology testspd neurology
Glutathion, heavy-metals toxic-burdenpd neurology
Magnesiumpd neurology
Forced exercise 35% improvement, motor learning ? upregulate dopaminepd neurology
Exercise enhanced Neuroplasticitypd neurology
Insulin Resistance, GLP-1 analogues, Incretin Mimetics for AD and PDpd neurology
NLY01 halts PDpd neurology
Herbs for PDpd neurology
Oral hygiene – oil pulling coconut oil, adding ginger and lavenderpd neurology
neuroprotective effect of nicotine and coffee in PD and ADpd neurology
Chronic heavy metal toxicity, heavy-metals toxic-burdenpd neurology
Infection by Prion-like infection α-synucleinpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Root Canal, root-canal toxic-burdenpd neurology
Caffeinepd neurology
The neuroprotective effect of coenzyme Q(10) (CoQ(10))pd neurology
MPTPmptppd neurology
Cyrex Arreypd neurology
Longevity diet + Long fast (fmd), Intermintent fasting 5:2 16:8insulin-resistancepd neurology
Autophagy, ad pd neurology
Ketogenic Diet and LGIT diet vs plant based Atkinspd neurology
kidny and liver support, heavy-metals toxic-burdenpd neurology
Organic food, treat the foodtoxic-burdenpd neurology
Circadian rhythmpd neurology
Radiationpd neurology
Leaky gut, gluten, grainpd neurology
Bredesen Recode protocolpd neurology
Biofeedback Neurofeedbackpd neurology
Wim Hof Methodpd neurology
Robert Lustig dopamine serotonin interactionpd neurology
Mitochondria supportpd neurology
Infection causing chronic disease, treatment optionspd neurology
Reduce burden of non persistent (short half life) toxins with on going exposuretoxic-burdenpd neurology