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David Sinclair personal anti aging supplements protocolAging proceses, Anti Aging, NAD, Protocols, Root cause, Supplementation, aging-proceses anti-aging nad protocols root-cause supplementation mitochondriaaging pd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Fix the posture – nerd neck, rounding, slumpingGeneraluncategorized
6 Ways to Reduce Parkinson’s Freezing of GaitGeneraluncategorized
Live Well with PD – Davis Phinney FoundationResourcesresources
PD meds, FDA approved, main groupsMeds, Microbiota, PD, PD medsmeds microbiota pd pd-meds condition-specific
Calcification of basal ganglia corrolate with PDCalcificationcalcification root-causepd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Antimicrobial reusable face maskGeneraluncategorized
Intestinal Lymphangiectasia: Insights on Management and Literature ReviewGeneraluncategorized
Ketogenic diet or exogenous ketone bodies may alleviate lymphedemaKetogenic, Lymphedemaketogenic lymphedema diet condition-specificlymphedemapossible-disease-modifier
Trichloroethylene suspected as major cause  of Idiopathic PDGeneral, PD, Root causeuncategorized pd root-cause condition-specificpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Full detox program,  Jon BarronDetox, General, Protocols, , , detox uncategorized protocolsad ms neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
How To Detox Heavy Metals From BodyDetox, General, PD, Protocols, , , detox uncategorized pd protocols condition-specificad ms neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
Oral Glutamine Increases Circulating GLP-1, Glucagon and Insulin Levels in Lean, Obese and Type 2 Diabetic SubjectsDiabetes, General, Good Evidence, Insulin resistance, Neuroprotective, PD, PD meds, Stop and reverse, Supplement testing, diabetes uncategorized good-evidence insulin-resistance neuroprotective pd pd-meds stop-and-reverse supplement-testing condition-specific root-cause meds supplementationdiabetes pd neurologypossible-disease-modifierlowresearch
Stem cell tearaphy for PDAutoimmunity, PD, PD meds, , , autoimmunity pd pd-meds condition-specific medsad diabetes ms pd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Adequate Vitamin B12 and low Homocysteine Levels may slow  progression of PDGeneral, Homocysteine, motor function, PD, Vitamin B12uncategorized homocysteine motor-function pd vitamin-b12 condition-specific supplementationpd neurologyslow-disease-progressionresearch
Drugs that suppress immune system may protect against Parkinson’s | Washington University School of Medicine in St. LouisAutoimmunity, PDautoimmunity pd condition-specificpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Edema, legsGeneraluncategorized
Anxiety and Depression Among People Under the Nationwide Partial Lockdown in VietnamGeneraluncategorized
probiotics Bacillus subtilis PXN® 21® eliminates alpha-synuclein aggregates, possible PD treatmentMicrobiota, Natural alternatives, PD, Prebiotics, Stop and reverse, Vegas nerve, α-synuclein, microbiota natural-alternatives pd prebiotics stop-and-reverse vegas-nerve %ce%b1-synuclein condition-specificcause1 cause3pd neurologypossible-disease-modifiermedium
Exenatide, a GLP-1 receptor agonist licensed to treat type 2 diabetes, and recently shown to be associated with reduced severity of PDMeds, PD, PD meds, PD success stories, Success stories, meds pd pd-meds pd-success-stories success-stories condition-specificdiabetes pd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Chelation of iron accumulation in the brainAD, Chelation, Iron, PD, , ad chelation iron pd condition-specificcause1ad neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
Herbal medicine for PD, a systemic reviewanti viral, antibiotics, Herbs, PD, Protocolsanti-viral antibiotics herbs pd protocols condition-specificpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
PD and nutrition    Generaluncategorizedslow-disease-progression
 A Report of 10 cases of Parkinson’s Disease cured by Xifengzhizhan pills and Xifengzhizhan capsules, Wang Weifananecdotal evidence, PD success stories, Success stories, anecdotal-evidence pd-success-stories success-storiesneurology pdpossible-disease-modifierarticle
LSVT voice therapyPDpd condition-specificpd neurologysymptomatic
Warfarin and foodsINRinr cardio-vascular condition-specific
The use of vitamin K to reduce high INRINRinr cardio-vascular condition-specific
Causes of calcificationCalcificationcalcification root-cause
Low-Carbohydrate Diet, animal based, cause an increased risk for coronary artery calcificationCalcification, Carnivore Diet, Cholesterol, Good Evidence, Inflammation, Ketogenic, Risk factor, calcification carnivore-diet cholesterol-2 good-evidence inflammation ketogenic risk-factor root-cause dietarteriosclerosis cardio-vascularpossible-disease-modifier
The Use of Dental Almagam FillingsRoot Canal, , , root-canal root-causead ms neurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
Mycoplasma (and bacteria in general) as a Cause of Narrowing of the Cardiovascular Valvesaortic valve stenosis, Calcification, Cardio Vascular, Generalaortic-valve-stenosis calcification cardio-vascular uncategorized condition-specific root-causecardio-vascular
Rehabilitation of Mitochondria by Lipid ReplacementGeneral, Mitochondria, PD, Supplementation, , uncategorized mitochondria pd supplementation root-cause condition-specificdiabetes neurology pdslow-disease-progression
Caloric vestibular stimulation (CVS) relieved motor and non-motor symptoms(PD)PD, pd condition-specificneurology pdsymptomatic
Low Tyramin dietAnti inflammatory, Generalanti-inflammatory uncategorized
Future: The A1 astrocyte paradigm: New way for pharmacological intervention in neurodegeneration – PubMedPD, PD meds, pd pd-meds condition-specific medsneurology pdslow-disease-progression
Bacteraemia was Detected after Chewing Bubble Gum in 22% of PatientsAutoimmunity, Bacteraemia, Pathogenautoimmunity bacteraemia pathogenbacteraemia
Dietary intervention in acne: mTORC1 signaling promoted by Western dietGeneraluncategorized
Circadian Biology and PDAD, Apps, Circadian, Circadian cycle, Default Protocol, Fasting, Good Evidence, PDad apps circadian circadian-cycle default-protocol fasting-2 good-evidence pd condition-specificpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
NIH Supplement Ingredient Fact Sheets for Professionals and ConsumersResources, Supplementationresources supplementation
Treatment of Mitochondrial Dysfunction with Natural SupplementsAD, Mitochondria, NAD, PDad mitochondria nad pd condition-specific root-causepd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Could a Carnivore Diet Help with Autoimmune Disorders e.g PDCarnivore Diet, PDcarnivore-diet pd diet condition-specificpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Cholesterol Provides Some Protection Against PD Cholesterol, Diet, PDcholesterol-2 diet pd condition-specificpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Toxic Chemicals, Plants, and Organic Elements that may Trigger Development of PDPD, Toxic burdenpd toxic-burden condition-specific root-causetoxic-burdenpd neurologytrigger-disease-development
Could Parkinson’s be Caused by Infection?anti viral, antibiotics, Pathogen, PD, , anti-viral antibiotics pathogen pd condition-specificpathogenneurology pdpossible-disease-modifier trigger-disease-development
Could Intermittent Fasting/ Caloric Restriction/ Exercise Improve PD StatusFasting, FMD, PD, Protocols, fasting-2 fmd pd protocols condition-specificneurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
In Development: Neuralink’s Brain Implants , to Treat PDPDpd condition-specificpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
The Link Between Helicobacter Pylori and PD?Pathogen, PD, pathogen pd condition-specificpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier trigger-disease-development
Types of Keto Testing, Blood Glucose Testing, and Types of Exogenous KetonesKetogenic, Ketosis, ketogenic ketosis dietpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier symptomatic
Keto for PD: The William Curtis StoryDiet, Keto for PD, Ketogenic, Ketosis, PDdiet keto-for-pd ketogenic ketosis pd condition-specificpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Could Fasting Help Control PD Symptoms?Autophagy, BDNF, Fasting, FMD, Keto for PD, Ketogenic, Microbiota, PD, autophagy bdnf fasting-2 fmd keto-for-pd ketogenic microbiota pd diet condition-specificneurology pdpossible-disease-modifier
Interaction of Mitochondria, a-Syn, and the Endo-lysosomal SystemAutophagy, Microbiota, PDautophagy microbiota pd condition-specificpd neurologypossible-disease-modifierarticle
Could α-Synuclein Inhibition be a Treatment for PD?Autophagy, Lymphedema, PD, α-synucleinautophagy lymphedema pd %ce%b1-synuclein condition-specific%ce%b1-synucleinpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Ridding Cells of Harmful Protein Aggregates by Inducing AutophagyAD, Autophagy, Mitochondria, PD, α-synucleinad autophagy mitochondria pd %ce%b1-synuclein condition-specific root-causepd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Can RYR supplements Potentially be Related to a High Risk of PD?Warferinwarferin medspd neurologytrigger-disease-development
Neuronal Autophagy and the Predisposition for PDAutophagy, PD, α-synucleinautophagy pd %ce%b1-synuclein condition-specificpd neurologytrigger-disease-development
PD and Autophagy Impairment in SynucleinopathyAutophagy, PD, α-synucleinautophagy pd %ce%b1-synuclein condition-specificpd neurologytrigger-disease-development
Can Plant-Based Diets Lower the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease?Cardio Vascular, Dietcardio-vascular diet condition-specific
What Does a Vegetarian Diet Mean for Cardiovascular Health?Dietdiet
Overactive mTORC1 Signaling, Acne, the Western Diet, and More Serious DiseasesGeneraluncategorized
Can Red Yeast Rice be Used to Lower Cholesterol?INRinr cardio-vascular condition-specific
What do you Know About the Interaction of Drugs you are Taking?Resourcesresources
Know What’s in the Supplements you BuySupplement testingsupplement-testing supplementation
Reviews and Ratings for Supplements on ConsumerLab.comResources, Supplement testingresources supplement-testing supplementation
Is it Safe to Take CoQ10 While Taking Warfarin or Plavix (clopidogrel)?Co Q10, INR, Supplementation, Warferinco-q10 inr supplementation warferin cardio-vascular condition-specific meds
Prebiotics to prevent and treat constipationConstipation, Prebioticsconstipation prebiotics condition-specificpd neurologysymptomatic
Use of K₂ and Warfarin During Perioperative Period of Catheter AblationINR, Vitamin K2inr vitamin-k2 cardio-vascular condition-specific supplementation
What do Studies Say about Probiotics and Digestion?Constipation, General, Probioticsconstipation uncategorized probiotics condition-specific
Measure Fat Burning vs Carb-BurningKetosis, Measurement, Toolsketosis measurement tools
Diet and Nutrition as Migraine TriggersDiet, Migrainediet migraine condition-specific
The Migraine-Diet ConnectionDiet, Migrainediet migraine condition-specific
What is the Potential of Stem Cell Treatment for PD? (YouTube Webinar)In development, PD, Stem Cellin-development pd stem-cell condition-specificpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
How Can Fasting Help you Live a Longer, Healthier Life?Diet, Fasting, FMDdiet fasting-2 fmd
Could Coenzyme Q10 be Used as a Supplement for PD Patients?Cardio Vascular, INR, Mitochondria, Supplementationcardio-vascular inr mitochondria supplementation condition-specific root-causepd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Vitamin K, as a Treatment, and its Interaction with WarfarinINR, Supplementation, Vitamin Kinr supplementation vitamin-k cardio-vascular condition-specific
Initial Pramipexole vs. Initial Levodopa in Early PD – Which is Better?PD medspd-meds medspd neurology
Should Pramipexole be Used in PD Treatment?PD medspd-meds medspd neurology
What you Should Know About your Diet and WarfarinDiet, INR, Warferindiet inr warferin cardio-vascular condition-specific meds
How Does Fasting Affect INR and %TTR?INR, Warferininr warferin cardio-vascular condition-specific meds
What are the Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses of Resveratrol?Antioxidants, arteriosclerosis, Cardio Vascular, Supplementationantioxidants arteriosclerosis cardio-vascular supplementation condition-specific
The FDA Drug Shortage, and AvailabilityMedicine supply chain, Medsmedicine-supply-chain meds
Will Coronavirus Restrictions Mean a Shortage of Important Medical Drugs?Medicine supply chain, Medsmedicine-supply-chain meds
The EU Parliament: The Disruption of Medical Supply Chains Under COVID-19Medicine supply chain, Meds, Warferinmedicine-supply-chain meds warferin
The FDA is Monitoring the Supply of Drugs During the COVID-19 PandemicMedicine supply chain, Meds, Warferinmedicine-supply-chain meds warferin
Can you Take Fish Oil or Krill Oil Supplements with Warfarin Without Significantly Affect  the INR~INR, Supplementationinr supplementation cardio-vascular condition-specific
Ginseng May Modestly Reduce INR in Patients Taking WarfarinINRinr cardio-vascular condition-specific
Hawthorn herb/berries increase INRINRinr cardio-vascular condition-specific
Supplements the affect INRINRinr cardio-vascular condition-specific
Use of Anticoagulants After VHD Valve RepairCardio Vascularcardio-vascular condition-specific
Potential PD Treatment with Repurposed DrugsPD medspd-meds medspd neurology
The Potential of Ambroxol for PD TreatmentPD medspd-meds meds
Low‐Fat vs Ketogenic Diet for PD?Diet, Ketogenic, PDdiet ketogenic pd condition-specific
Health Solutions Library for Critical Diseases Including PDDiet, Leaky Gutdiet leaky-gut root-cause
Could Creating a Healthy Gut Using FMD Prevent or Treat PD?Fasting, FMD, PDfasting-2 fmd pd condition-specific
MetallothioneinDetoxdetox protocols
ApoE4 Information for Alzheimer’s, and Chronic Diseases Including PDAD, Default Protocol, Mitochondria, PD, Protocolsad default-protocol mitochondria pd protocols condition-specific root-cause
New Research on NIACIN vs NMNMitochondria, NADmitochondria nad root-cause
Review of Possible Use of a Keto Diet in PD TreatmentAD, Keto for PD, Ketogenic, PDad keto-for-pd ketogenic pd condition-specific dietpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Interview with Dale E. Bredesen, md on Reversing Cognitive DeclineGeneraluncategorizedpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Fact Sheet: Dietary Supplements for Primary Mitochodrial DisordersGeneral, PD, uncategorized pd condition-specificpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progression
Review: The Role of Dietary Fat in Treatment of Brain DiseasesCancer, Cardio Vascular, Diet, Mitochondria, PD, Protocols, cancer cardio-vascular diet mitochondria pd protocols condition-specific root-causepd neurologypossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progression
Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition and Cardiovascular Diseasearteriosclerosis, Cardio Vascular, Diet, Protocolsarteriosclerosis cardio-vascular diet protocols condition-specific
Use of Ayurveda Herb in PD TreatmentGeneraluncategorizedpd neurology
Diet for Heart HealthCardio Vascular, condition specific, Dietcardio-vascular condition-specific diet
2020 Clinical Trial: Mannitol for PDPDpd condition-specificpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Nattokinase as a Possible Treatment for Cardiovascular Diseaseaortic valve stenosis, Cardio Vascular, Warferinaortic-valve-stenosis cardio-vascular warferin condition-specific meds
Food/Drug/Supplements that effect INRCardio Vascularcardio-vascular condition-specific
Megadose Vitamin C – As An Antiviral Treatmentanti viral, Supplementation, Vitamin Canti-viral supplementation vitamin-c
Warfarin alternatives ? – natural blood thinnersMeds, Natural alternativesmeds natural-alternatives
All About XylitolCalcification, Chelation, Detox, Oxalatescalcification chelation detox oxalates root-cause protocols
Vitamin D | Linus Pauling Institute | Oregon State UniversityAD, Cancer, Diabetes, motor function, MS, Neuroprotective, PD, Supplementation, Vitamin D, ad cancer diabetes motor-function ms neuroprotective pd supplementation vitamin-d condition-specificpd neurologyslow-disease-progression trigger-disease-development
Benefits of XylitolGeneraluncategorized
Sleep Master Class by Dr. Mark HymanSleepsleeppd neurologyslow-disease-progression
10 Day Reset – A System Designed by Dr. Mark HymanProtocolsprotocols
All About mTOR, mTOR Inhibitors and mTOR ActivatorsAD, AMPK pathway, Cancer, mTOR pathway, PDad ampk-pathway-ampk-pathway cancer mtor-pathway pd condition-specific signaling-pathwaypd neurology
Polyphenols in Parkinson’s Disease: A Systematic Review of In Vivo StudiesGeneraluncategorizedpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
early puberty & EDC – endocrine disraptorsEarly puberty, Toxic burdenearly-puberty toxic-burden condition-specific root-cause
6 Ways to Activate Autophagy Without Fasting – YouTubeAutophagy, Detox, Fasting, Good Evidenceautophagy detox fasting-2 good-evidence protocolspd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Dietary Plant Lectins Appear to Be Transported from the Gut to Gain Access to and Alter Dopaminergic Neurons of warms , a Potential Etiology of PDcondition specific, Diet, Lectins, PD, Vegas nerve, , condition-specific diet lectins pd vegas-nerve root-causepd neurologypossible-disease-modifier slow-disease-progression trigger-disease-development
LIFE Fasting Tracker – LIFE Apps | LIVE and LEARNFasting, Life stylefasting-2 life-style
Over-the-counter Vitamin K1-containing Multivitamin Supplements Disrupt Warfarin Anticoagulation in Vitamin K1-depleted Patients. Vitamin Kvitamin-k supplementation
Learn How Oura Ring Works | The Most Advanced Smart RingSleepsleep
Nutritional Interventions for Gastroesophageal Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Hypochlorhydria: A Case ReportGeneraluncategorized
Vitamin D and Sleep Apnea- Interview with Dr. Stasha GominakMitochondria, Protocols, Root cause, Sleep, Vitamin D, Vitamin Kmitochondria protocols root-cause sleep vitamin-d vitamin-k supplementation
Cold/Hot ExposureCold Exposurecold-exposurepd neurology
MetallothioneinDetox, Heavy Metals, Toxic burdendetox heavy-metals toxic-burden protocols root-cause
oxygen pressure chamber ???Generaluncategorized
apple cider vinegaraortic valve stenosis, Generalaortic-valve-stenosis uncategorized condition-specific
Omega 3 galil, o3anecdotal evidence, Ketosis, Neuroprotective, Protocols, Supplementationanecdotal-evidence ketosis neuroprotective protocols supplementation
Drug-Induced PDPDpd condition-specificpd neurology
Probiotics for PDPD, Probioticspd probiotics condition-specificpd neurology
Probiotics for constipationConstipation, Probioticsconstipation probiotics condition-specificpd neurologysymptomatic
New treatments for PD, in trialsPDpd condition-specificpd neurology
Gut bacteria and probiotics that lower INRMicrobiota, Probioticsmicrobiota probiotics
3 day fast-rebuild immune system, LongoAD, Autoimmunity, Autophagy, Detox, Ketosis, MS, PDad autoimmunity autophagy detox ketosis ms pd condition-specific protocols
Eran Segal – Personalized Nutrition for Diabetes Treatment Based on Gut MicrobiotaMicrobiota, Personalized Nutritionmicrobiota personalized-nutrition
Prebiotics and probiotics in cancer prevention and therapyCancercancer condition-specific
Prevent and treat constipationConstipationconstipation condition-specific
Sulforaphane, boost liver enzyme, Broccoli sproutsCancer, Detoxcancer detox condition-specific protocolspd neurology
Turmeric Curcumin Reprogramming Cancer Cell DeathCancer, Supplementationcancer supplementation condition-specific
Anti cancer dietCancer, Diet, Good Evidencecancer diet good-evidence condition-specific
new PD medication –Nourianz (istradefylline) tablets as an add-on treatment Nourianz (istradefylline) tablets as an add-on treatmentPD medspd-meds medspd neurology
Magnesium to prevent and reverse Aurtic stenosis and calcification in generalCalcification, Cardio Vascular, General, Stop and reverse, Supplementationcalcification cardio-vascular uncategorized stop-and-reverse supplementation root-cause condition-specificcardio-vascularpossible-disease-modifier
Ketosis and Ketosis SupplementsKetogenic, Ketosis, Mitochondria, Supplementationketogenic ketosis mitochondria supplementation diet root-causepd neurology
IP6 ChealatorAD, Calcification, Cardio Vascular, Chelation, Detox, Heart palpation, Iron, Lyme, MS, PDad calcification cardio-vascular chelation detox heart-palpation iron lyme ms pd condition-specific root-cause protocolspd neurology
NADD+ and NADHAnti Aging, Mitochondria, PD, Supplementationanti-aging mitochondria pd supplementation root-cause condition-specificpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
Autophagy supplementsAD, Anti Aging, Autophagy, PDad anti-aging autophagy pd condition-specificpd neurologyslow-disease-progression
TAMO in red meat cause heart deseaseCardio Vascularcardio-vascular condition-specificcardio-vascular
LP(a) lipoprotein(a)aortic valve stenosis, Cardio Vascular, LP(a), PDaortic-valve-stenosis cardio-vascular lpa pd condition-specific root-cause
Keto for PD, Some EvidenceDiet, Keto for PD, Ketogenic, PDdiet keto-for-pd ketogenic pd condition-specific
Management of EDTA Chelation TherapyCalcification, Cardio Vascular, Chelationcalcification cardio-vascular chelation root-cause condition-specific
Regulated Vitamine D level to prevent calcificationCalcification, Cardio Vascularcalcification cardio-vascular root-cause condition-specific
stop and reverse PD, the state of the artPD, Stop and reversepd stop-and-reverse condition-specific
Ketoprofen, anti inflammatory drug reduce/reverse Lymphedema sysmptomsInflammation, Lymphedemainflammation lymphedema root-cause condition-specific
Misfolded proteins related conditions in heart deseaseQuestionquestion
Resistence starchesDietdiet
Vitamin DAD, Cardio Vascular, MS, PDad cardio-vascular ms pd condition-specific
Reductive stress – to much antioxidantsCardio Vascular, Heart palpation, PD, Reductive stress, Root causecardio-vascular heart-palpation pd reductive-stress root-cause condition-specific
Low stomach acid as root causeLow stomach acid, Root causelow-stomach-acid root-cause
Chronic inflammation and insulin resistance interactionsInflammation, Insulin resistanceinflammation insulin-resistance root-cause
Stop and reverse PDPD, Stop and reversepd stop-and-reverse condition-specific
Probiotics for PDPD, Probioticspd probiotics condition-specific
Do brain-training games really work?AD, Default Protocol, Neuroprotective, PDad default-protocol neuroprotective pd condition-specific
electrolytes including sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride negativly asssociated with Dyskinesia in PDPDpd condition-specific
Stem Cell – Repairing the Brain: Cell Replacement Using Stem Cell-Based Technologies – IOS Pressmotor function, PDmotor-function pd condition-specific
CBD – Cannabinoids in PDGeneral, Inflammation, PD, Supplementationuncategorized inflammation pd supplementation root-cause condition-specific
Fetal tissue implant – Wikipediamotor function, PD, Root cause, Stop and reversemotor-function pd root-cause stop-and-reverse condition-specific
נזקי כספית, אמלגםHeavy Metals, Root cause, Toxic burdenheavy-metals root-cause toxic-burden
Diabetes protocolAD, Autophagy, Default Protocol, Diabetes, PD, Protocolsad autophagy default-protocol diabetes pd protocols condition-specific
High Prevalence of Undiagnosed Insulin Resistance in Non-Diabetic Subjects with Parkinson’s Disease – IOS PressNeuroprotective, PD, Root causeneuroprotective pd root-cause condition-specific
Whole body vibration: Neuro-rehab applicationsPDpd condition-specific
2-deoxy-D-glucose is noeroprotectiveMS, PDms pd condition-specific
autoimmune fix 6 weeks transition protocolAutoimmunity, Default Protocol, Protocolsautoimmunity default-protocol protocols
make your own cleaners, so you know whats insiideAutoimmunity, Default Protocol, Detox, Toxic burdenautoimmunity default-protocol detox toxic-burden protocols root-cause
LPS – LipopolysaccharidesLPSlps root-cause
Leaky Gut protocolLeaky Gut, Probiotics, Protocols, Supplementationleaky-gut probiotics protocols supplementation root-cause
Increased intestinal permeability and Parkinson disease patientsLeaky Gut, PDleaky-gut pd root-cause condition-specific
Colostrum, for leaky gutGood Evidence, Leaky Gut, Supplementationgood-evidence leaky-gut supplementation root-cause
Herbal Antibioticsantibiotics, Default Protocol, Lyme, Pathogen, PDantibiotics default-protocol lyme pathogen pd condition-specific
Herbal Antiviralsanti viral, Default Protocol, Lyme, Pathogen, PDanti-viral default-protocol lyme pathogen pd condition-specific
Lyme disease protocolanti viral, antibiotics, Lyme, Neuroprotective, Pathogen, Protocolsanti-viral antibiotics lyme neuroprotective pathogen protocols condition-specific
Functional Neurological DisordersDefault Protocol, MS, PDdefault-protocol ms pd condition-specific
postpone (vegan source) protein intake until eveningPDpd condition-specific
N-hexacosanol and fisetinPDpd condition-specific
Detox by sweatDefault Protocol, Detox, Heavy Metalsdefault-protocol detox heavy-metals protocols root-cause
The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow AgingAnti Aging, Autophagy, Dietanti-aging autophagy diet
Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, plant-based, oil-free diet, cardio vascular healthCardio Vascular, Dietcardio-vascular diet condition-specific
The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes NaturallyDiabetes, Protocolsdiabetes protocols condition-specific
Hydroxysafflor yellow A promotes α-synuclein clearance via regulating autophagyAutophagy, PD, α-synucleinautophagy pd %ce%b1-synuclein condition-specific
Corynoxine, isolated from Uncaria rhynchophylla, promotes the clearance of alpha-synucleinAutophagy, Herbs, PDautophagy herbs pd condition-specific
Q10PD, Supplementationpd supplementation condition-specific
Mucuna pruriens – LevedopaHerbs, PD, Supplementationherbs pd supplementation condition-specific
Type 2 diabetes is associated with an increased risk of PDPD, Risk factorpd risk-factor condition-specific
Low LDL Colesterol – risk factor for PDNeuroprotective, PD, Risk factorneuroprotective pd risk-factor condition-specific
mutant (A53T) α-synuclein exhibit impaired autonomic regulation of heart rate characterized by elevated resting heart rateAutophagy, PDautophagy pd condition-specific
RapamycinAutophagy, Heart palpation, Neuroprotective, PDautophagy heart-palpation neuroprotective pd condition-specific
Autosuggestion, hypnosisDefault Protocol, Generaldefault-protocol uncategorized
Inflammation, anti inflammatory nutrients, dietAD, condition specific, Diet, Heart palpation, MS, Supplementationad condition-specific diet heart-palpation ms supplementation
Toxicology testsPD, Testingpd testing condition-specific
GlutathionAD, Antioxidants, Detox, Heart palpation, Heavy Metals, PD, Supplementation, Toxic burdenad antioxidants detox heart-palpation heavy-metals pd supplementation toxic-burden condition-specific protocols root-cause
Malabsorptionmulabsorption, Root causemulabsorption root-cause
MagnesiumAD, Heart palpation, MS, mulabsorption, Neuroprotective, PD, Root cause, Supplementationad heart-palpation ms mulabsorption neuroprotective pd root-cause supplementation condition-specific
Forced exercise 35% improvement, motor learning ? upregulate dopaminePDpd condition-specific
Exercise enhanced NeuroplasticityPDpd condition-specific
Insulin Resistance, GLP-1 analogues, Incretin Mimetics for AD and PDAD, PD, Root causead pd root-cause condition-specific
NLY01 halts PDMeds, motor function, Neuroprotective, Stop and reversemeds motor-function neuroprotective stop-and-reverse
Herbs for PDHerbs, Neuroprotective, PDherbs neuroprotective pd condition-specific
MS-The Wahls protocolDiet, Life style, motor function, MS, Neuroprotective, Protocolsdiet life-style motor-function ms neuroprotective protocols condition-specific
Oral hygiene – oil pulling coconut oil, adding ginger and lavenderAD, anecdotal evidence, Pathogen, PDad anecdotal-evidence pathogen pd condition-specific
neuroprotective effect of nicotine and coffee in PD and ADAD, condition specific, PDad condition-specific pd
Chronic heavy metal toxicityDefault Protocol, Heavy Metals, Toxic burdendefault-protocol heavy-metals toxic-burden root-cause
Infection by Prion-like infection α-synucleinPathogen, PD, Prion likepathogen pd prion-like condition-specificpd neurologypossible-disease-modifier
Root CanalPathogen, Root Canal, Root cause, Toxic burdenpathogen root-canal root-cause toxic-burden
CaffeineAutophagy, Neuroprotectiveautophagy neuroprotective
Hit shock effect, Sulforaphane, sauna, exercise in hot envDefault Protocol, Detox, Supplementationdefault-protocol detox supplementation protocols
Dirty dozen & clean 15Default Protocol, Diet, Life style, Toxic burdendefault-protocol diet life-style toxic-burden root-cause
The neuroprotective effect of coenzyme Q(10) (CoQ(10))Neuroprotectiveneuroprotective
Cyrex ArreyTestingtesting
leeches treatment ?Generaluncategorized
Longevity diet + Long fast (fmd), Intermintent fasting 5:2 16:8AD, Anti Aging, Autophagy, Default Protocol, Diabetes, Insulin resistance, Life style, Neuroprotective, PD, Stop and reversead anti-aging autophagy default-protocol diabetes insulin-resistance life-style neuroprotective pd stop-and-reverse condition-specific root-cause
AutophagyAD, Autophagy, PDad autophagy pd condition-specific
Ketogenic Diet and LGIT diet vs plant based AtkinsAutophagy, condition specific, Default Protocol, Life style, motor functionautophagy condition-specific default-protocol life-style motor-function
kidny and liver supportDetox, Heavy Metals, Toxic burdendetox heavy-metals toxic-burden protocols root-cause
Organic food, treat the foodDefault Protocol, Detox, Life style, Toxic burden, Treat the fooddefault-protocol detox life-style toxic-burden treat-the-food protocols root-cause
Circadian rhythmDefault Protocol, Life styledefault-protocol life-style
Light and magnetismDefault Protocol, Generaldefault-protocol uncategorized
RadiationDefault Protocol, Generaldefault-protocol uncategorized
Leaky gut, gluten, grainDefault Protocol, Testingdefault-protocol testing
Bredesen Recode protocolAD, condition specific, Diet, Protocolsad condition-specific diet protocols
Biofeedback NeurofeedbackMind bodymind-body
Wim Hof MethodAutophagy, Default Protocol, Mind body, Pathogenautophagy default-protocol mind-body pathogen
dr marty hinz amino acid protocolPD, Protocols, Supplementationpd protocols supplementation condition-specific
Robert Lustig dopamine serotonin interactionGeneral, PDuncategorized pd condition-specific
Mitochondria supportAnti Aginganti-aging
Infection causing chronic disease, treatment optionsanti viral, antibiotics, aortic valve stenosis, Cardio Vascular, Default Protocol, Pathogen, PDanti-viral antibiotics aortic-valve-stenosis cardio-vascular default-protocol pathogen pd condition-specific
Molds in house/bodyDefault Protocol, Pathogendefault-protocol pathogen
Reduce burden of non persistent (short half life) toxins with on going exposureDefault Protocol, Toxic burdendefault-protocol toxic-burden root-cause
NLP -auto suggestionDefault Protocol, Mind bodydefault-protocol mind-body
Heat shock effectDetox, Toxic burdendetox toxic-burden protocols root-cause
Heavy metal Detox, Chealation, the cube, by Quick silver, Mercury, LedDetox, Heavy Metalsdetox heavy-metals protocols root-cause