Mapping the space of Ideophatic-PD

Root causes, diagnosis, testing, treatment protocols, research, anecdotal evidence & case reports, becoming asymptomatic, remaining asymptomatic

most of the root causes are not specific to PD and are most often discussed in relation to other conditions, e,g, Insulin resistance

As this work is about mapping the PD option space, you will find general stuff e.g. root causes discussed mostly in the context of PD.

How this works

Links to relevant information are gathered from the web (mostly on PubMed) unit of information might be research, article, video, product spec… . this process is currently done manually, but we think about adding some automated scraping soon).

The gathered information is expected to improve as more pieces of info are added/trimmed/edited

As the information matures and is well organized around categories/taxonomies our resident content writer uses it to write the term (i.e the category/taxonomy description)

Protocol builder

By adding checkboxes to Root causes/treatment protocols, we can provide the user with a simple protocol builder

Other conditions

If this shows to be attractive, it can be easily modified to support multiple conditions

Feedback welcome!