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PBM – photobiomodulation for PD

In 2008, the researchers in Wisconsin, US discovered that PBM (photobiomodulation) is effective on Parkinson’s ( Liang et al., 2008 ). Click to view
Afterwards, researchers in Australia, France and Switzerland published numerous research studies that PBM can reduce the symptoms of MPTP and/or 6-OHDA and alpha-synuclein in the animal model with Parkinson’s (Johnstone et al., 2016 ). Click to view
In 2016, the study on PBM having an effect on monkey model with Parkinson’s has been published in the Annals of Neurology in the American Journal of Neurology. Click to view
In this study, optical fiber devices with visible red light (670 nm) were planted in the brain and MPTP injections were given for a week. In this treatment, the majority of monkeys reversed the symptoms. ( Darlot et al., 2016 ).
Red light (670 nm) was used in this study, but near-infrared light (810 nm) was also used in other studies. Usually light is administered either as a span or as a straight line to the head through percutaneous fibers, but one study suggests that it has a remote neurological protection effect on the brain and that photobiotics may be better represented. ( Johnstone et al., 2014 , Kim et al 2017 ).
Please click here to read more studies on PBM therapy and Parkinson’s

Source: PBM

PD and basal ganglia calcifications

We reviewed computerized tomograms (CT) for basal ganglia and dentate nucleus calcifications in 79 patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD), 54 patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and 109 controls aged 50 or more. When it was determined, no patient had disturbances in calcium metabolism. We found: …

Source: Parkinson’s disease and basal ganglia calcifications: prevalence and clinico-radiological correlations – PubMed

Fountain Life  – lab, life force – Tony Robins 

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PD – Functional medicine – Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren

A chronic progressive CNS disorder characterized by slowness of purposeful movement, resting tremors, and muscle rigidity.  Also called “Parkinsonism” and “Paralysis Agitans” Dorland’s Medical Dictionary describes the Parkinsonian complex as “neurologic disorders characterized by hypokinesia, tremors and muscular rigidity. It typically occurs late in life, although juvenile forms have been described.” The diagnosis for their disorder is made from the

Source: Ecopolitan – Parkinson’s Disease – Functional medicine – Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren

Parkinson’s disease treated with Sinemet or Madopar. A controlled multicenter trial – PubMed

92 patients with Parkinson’s disease not previously treated with levodopa were considered as eligible for this triple-blind trial. Patients were allocated at random to treatment with either levodopa + benserazide ratio 4:1 (Madopar) or levodopa + carbidopa ratio 10:1 (Sinemet) using dosage schedules …

Source: Parkinson’s disease treated with Sinemet or Madopar. A controlled multicenter trial – PubMed