Interview with Dale E. Bredesen, md on Reversing Cognitive Decline

In 2015 Dale E. Bredesen md was interviewed by IMCJ about reversing cognitive decline. Dr. Bredesen is an expert in mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. About the monotherapeutic approach to degenerative diseases, the doctor said that a cocktail of therapies can be more successful. We now are recognizing multiple subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Bredesen sees the underlying molecular mechanistics of what we refer to as Alzheimer’s disease, as 3 subtypes, two of which are not illnesses. If you look at the molecular mechanistics, what you see is that this is actually a well-orchestrated, non-disease, strategic downsizing based on many different inputs and a mismatch of those with what is actually required to maintain those synapses and to continue with the remodeling that goes on throughout life. Bredesen approaches this with a systematic protocol of lifestyle and nutritional interventions which was published in 2014 in the journal Aging. Dr. Bredesen: “You need to look at a number of critical features such as things like metal homeostasis and proteostasis and insulin resistance, which have been the subject of a tremendous amount of research and, of course, specific inflammatory pathways.”

Source: Dale E. Bredesen, md: Reversing Cognitive Decline