Heavy metal Detox, Chealation, the cube, by Quick silver, Mercury, Led

check the full interview (not done yet)


get tested at Q-silver for a bundle including mercury

test for retention toxicity (kidney damage)`

leaky gut + high mercury => damage

sea food, get the small fish (down the food chain)

inhalation mercury, not a big problem

GI inflammation => more toxins secreted through the kidney, cause kidney overload

if you then try to chealate, more damage occur

first restore Liver-GI path, main mercury excretion is through fecal meter

heavy metal – IMG,Chlorela …
endotoxins binders – charchol (get most micotoxins, except Aflatoxins)

Aflatoxins (by fungi), mold toxins -clay

1 getting the drainage to work (kidney, liver-GI)

a support GI with the above binders
b liver support Dendeline + milk thistele, as tea (herbs) or supplement e.g Now Silymarin , Bitters
3 kidney – Solidogo (golden rode) is best, cranberry (diuretic) get diuretics like tea and coffee+ drink a lot

2 moving the heavy metal out of the cell (gene up-regulation)

2 stages:

get glutataion(lipozomal or precursors)

NRF2 up regulation boost glutataion s transferese which gets stuff from the cell to the glutataion:

a r-lipoic acid
b polypanols
c sulfor based compounds (from crucifix, garlic, onion and other alliums)

pulse when up regulating gene expression

e.g. 5 days on 2 days of

MEPF|PEMF detox whats this?

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