Diet for Heart Health

A study by Caldwell published by the NIH set out to show that plant-based nutrition helps prevent coronary artery disease in a large group of patients. 198 patients with CVD were followed and given counseling on how to convert from a regular diet to plant-based nutrition. Results showed that 89% adhered to the diet and in the group of adherent participants major cardiac events recurred at a rate of 0.6%. This was significantly less than reported in other similar studies where a smaller group was used. Of the non-adherent participants, 62% experienced adverse events. Caldwell concludes that patients with CVD respond to intense counseling and when on a sustained plant-based diet for a mean 3.7 years they experience a low rate of cardiac events. Plant-based nutrition has the potential for a large effect on the CVD epidemic.

Source: A Way to Reverse CAD?

Supporting Articles: Evidence listed by Coldwell to support a low-fat vegan diet: