Could Intermittent Fasting/ Caloric Restriction/ Exercise Improve PD Status

This review was written by Dr. Mark P. Mattson of the John Hopkins University School of Medicine and published in the 2014 Journal of Parkinson’s Disease. It examines whether lifestyle changes that increase insulin sensitivity such as increased exercise and intermittent energy restriction (intermittent fasting)  could counteract neurodegenerative processes and improve functionality. Various studies on animal models seem to indicate that peripheral insulin resistance and midlife diabetes may increase the risk of PD. This review examines whether improved peripheral and brain energy metabolism, exercise, GLP-1 analogs, and intermittent energy restrictions (IER) could boost neuronal adaptive stress response pathways and ultimately enhance neurotrophic signaling, DNA repair, mitochondrial biogenesis, and proteostasis.

Interventions that Improve Body and Brain Bioenergetics for Parkinson’s Disease Risk Reduction and Therapy by Dr Mark Mattson
Mark Mattson in TED: fasting/caloric restriction/ intermittent fasting…help against neurodegenerative conditions