How Can Fasting Help you Live a Longer, Healthier Life?

In this Goop podcast chief content officer at Goop, Elise Loehnen talks to Valter Longo, author of the longevity diet, as part of a series on detox, nutrition, and resetting the body. Longo is also one of the world’s leading experts on fasting. During the interview, they tackle questions such as “Is intermittent fasting the key to health?” Longo proposes fasting as one of the elements that contribute to longevity and to a healthy life, avoiding the diseases that often plague the elderly. The podcast also addresses the research surrounding the connection between fasting and preventing autoimmune diseases and cancer as well as the idea of making fasting part of standard cancer treatment. Longo discusses clinical trials including seven clinical trials supporting FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet).