Use of Ayurveda Herb in PD Treatment

In 2018 the Deccan Chronicle published an article entitled: Kottayam: Neuroscientist Sees Ayurveda Cure. The article featured an interview with Dr. Ramachandran, director of the Center for Brain and Cognition in Tamil Nadu, India, and also a distinguished professor with the neuroscience program and department of psychology at the University of California, San Diago. Dr. Ramachandran was impressed by clinical trials conducted with regard to the ayurvedic drug “macuna pruriensis” which is a variety of bean rich L-dopa. Macuna pruriensis was shown in trials to be more effective than allopathic drug placebo and synthetic L- dopa used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Ramachandran is now planning to collaborate with other Indian doctors (including Dr. A.V. Sreenivasan of Chennai) in popularizing ayurvedic drugs that are effective and have fewer side effects. Dr. Ramachanran said that the disease (PD) must have been known to ancient Indian physicians who treated it with the ayurvedic herb.

Source: Kottayam: Neuroscientist sees Ayurveda cure