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SelfDecode 2.0 The blueprint to your body Better health recommendations based on your DNA & lab tests. GET ACCESS Trustpilot The problem Generic strategies aren’t fixing your health issues. The solution Targeted remedies tailored specifically for your body. SelfDecode 2.0 is taking your health to the next level by analyzing more genetic variants (SNPs), providing […]

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NIH Supplement Ingredient Fact Sheets for Professionals and Consumers

The National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements offers a fact sheet giving an overview of each vitamin, mineral, and other dietary supplement ingredients. There are two versions – the version for health professionals and the consumer version. Both versions contain the same listings but the professional fact sheet goes into more detail.

Source: Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) Fact Sheets

What do you Know About the Interaction of Drugs you are Taking?

Anytime you take more than one drug simultaneously there is a danger that the drugs will cause adverse side effects, cancel each other out or change the effectiveness of each drug. This is a major risk and although most drug interactions are not serious there can be dire consequences. It is not just a case of drug-with-drug interaction but also a risk of drug-with food/beverage interaction, for example, you will often see a warning on prescription drugs to “avoid grapefruit juice.” There are also drug-with disease interactions that should be avoided. Check whether the drugs you are taking interact adversely with each other, with the food you are consuming, or with the condition you have.

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Know What’s in the Supplements you Buy

Labdoor buys supplements from retail stores and tests them in chemistry labs then publishes the results with expert reviews. They offer free lab reports with no manufacturer bias. Each supplement is independently tested so that you can be sure of the safety of the products you buy. Find out what’s really in your supplement without false claims. You often see products that are “endorsed by celebs”, claim to be “maximum strength”, or are “recommended by doctors” but have not been tested and are low quality.

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Reviews and Ratings for Supplements on

On you can read product reviews of supplements and medicines; learn about health warnings; brands and get answers to your questions about drugs and supplements. The products listed on include vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, nutrition powders, health bars, and nutrition drinks, tropical oils and creams, health protection devices, health foods, drugs, and health products for pets. Products are categorized by name and also by health condition so you can search for your particular illness or disease to find the relevant supplements and their reviews.


The FDA Drug Shortage, and Availability

A drug receives FDA “resolved” status when the Drug Shortages Staff (DSS) determines that the market is covered, based on information from manufacturers and that no shortage is anticipated. The DSS monitors the supply of products with resolved status. When supply is available from at least one manufacturer to cover the entire market, it is considered “covered.” In other words, the shortage is “resolved” and the product available. On the FDA website, you can see a list of medicines/products that are currently in shortage and others that are resolved. With this list, you can get information about discontinued drugs, or if they are available, resolved, in supply, and estimated duration of shortage. It will also tell you the reason for the shortage. The list provides information about corresponding therapeutic categories, resource information, and relevant links.

Source: FDA Drug Shortages

Health Solutions Library for Critical Diseases Including PD

If you’re dealing with a chronic disease or you know someone who is then Chris Kresser’s Health Solutions Library can provide you with resources. Among the resources are books and ebooks that cover preventing and reversing chronic illness and guides for living a healthier life. There are also courses you can take in health care and articles focused on health written by leading specialists. Kresser offers an easy-to-use index to help you find the resources for your particular ailment.

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