Sleep Master Class by Dr. Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman offers a 8-part Sleep Master Class to help you reclaim your sleep and support your immune system. In the course he walks you through the root causes of poor sleep and how to take practical steps to regain sleep and achieve better health. quality sleep can keep you lean, keep your blood sugar balance, keep you happy and even improve your sex drive. Sleep challenges have been associated with heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, weight gain, depression, anxiety, brain fog, and even neurological problems like Alzheimer’s. On the course, five experts discuss how we are sabotaging our sleep and how poor sleep can make us grumpy, stressed, and even sick. Learn how, what and when you eat, your light exposure, hormones, gut health, nutrient status, exposure to toxins, and other factors can affect your quality of sleep. Most importantly the course covers steps you can take to optimize your sleep.

Source: Sleep Course