What is the Potential of Stem Cell Treatment for PD? (YouTube Webinar)

This webinar is a recording of a live broadcast that took place in June 2019 and consisted of a panel discussion on cell-based therapy for PD. Chairing the panel is Professor Patrik Brundin. The panel of experts includes Gaynor Edwards, a person affected by PD; Parkinson’s neurologist, Clair Henchcliffe and Dr. Roger Barker, consultant neurologist. The panel discusses what kind of stem-cells exist; the source of stem-cells; the uses of stem-cells, and specifically dopamine stem-cells. The panel talks about current trials and the timeline for when stem-cells will be a viable treatment for PD. One of the issues raised is whether we will be able to produce stem-cells in large enough quantities. The panel of experts takes questions from viewers and gives answers on subjects like stem-cell tourist and the cost of treatment. The final word on the subject is that despite the cost of potential stem-cell treatment it will save money spent on the medical care of untreated patients in the long term.