New Research on NIACIN vs NMN

A 2020 trial looks at the anti-aging effects of niacin. The key is to promote not only a longer life but a healthier life. As we age our NAD molecules decrease so that there is not enough fuel for Sirtuins enzymes that can help reverse DNA damage and signs of aging. One of the main reasons our NAD+ decreases is the enzyme CD38. CD38 is also involved in the degradation of the precursor to NAD, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). As we age our CD38 levels increase and NAD+ go down. The less we activate our Sirtuins the more CD38 we have, so NAMPT suppresses CD38 expression via SIRT1. We can break this vicious circle by taking niacin which can create NAD+ so Sirtuins will have the fuel they need. The study notes that increased NAD+ levels remarkably improved disease hallmarks and mitochondrial mass. This is interesting for treating high cholesterol cases and chronic disease.

Here are the links to the research papers referenced in the video:……………………

Some notes about niacin safety depending on HDL/LDL cholesterol levels:

Big study showing the risk of high dose niacin + some cholesterol-lowering medication,skin%20issues%2C%20and%20gastrointestinal%20problems.

High dose for treating cholesterol is normally 1-2 grams but may be as high as 12 grams