The Migraine-Diet Connection

An article published in the MDPI journal, Nutrients in June 2020 looks at the influence of dietary patterns and dietary triggers on migraines. Identifying these triggers is challenging because so many other factors such as age, genetics, sex, and individual immunological responses to food can influence migraines. If the triggers can be identified they can be avoided to prevent migraines. This review presents the current status of research into diet and migraines and how lifestyle changes may increase the quality of life of patients. The review examines elimination diets; migraine diets; epigenetic diets; the gut-brain axis and probiotics in relation to migraines. The review concludes that the selection of an appropriate diet and obtaining correct dietary counseling is recommended to ensure the biopsychosocial well-being of migraine patients, as strict food avoidance may result in stress and poor quality of life.

Source:Migraine and Diet