In Development: Neuralink’s Brain Implants , to Treat PD

The latest invention from Neuralink is ultra-thin “threads” that could be injected into the brain to examine neuron activity. These brain-chip interfaces could hopefully be used to treat chronic conditions like PD. One of the goals of this new technology is to allow humans to keep up with the constant leaps and bounds of AI tech. So far there have only been animal trials of Neuralink’s new technology but with astounding results. Neuralink president, Max Hodak said that the company is close to clinical trials in neurological disorders.

The first human trials will focus on paralysis patients and will involve installing four of the new devices into the patient’s brains. If successful, Neuralink will probably release some developer API. The new technology has the potential for use on PD patients and could be used to improve deep brain stimulation therapy. Deep brain technology already exists but not at the level that Neuralink will hopefully be offering.

Source: Musk’s Neuralink close to clinical trials of “brain interface” device –