NADH for PD:

(NADH) has been used as medication in 885 PD patients in an open label trial. About half of the patients received NADH by intravenous infusion, the other part orally by capsules. In about 80% of the patients a beneficial clinical effect was observed

NADH for brain issues

older research



Most sources say boost  NAD+ using precursors or NAD+ supplement (NMN, NR)

also oxaloacetate :

oxaloacetate. A higher ratio of NAD+ to NADH helps you make more energy and makes your cells work better. Oxaloacetate activates the longevity pathway in a similar way that calorie restriction does. It converts to malate, which raises your NAD+ to NADH ratio,[26] which makes more NAD+ available for your cells to use. Try: KetoPrime, a highly bioavailable form of oxaloacetate

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Role of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and Related Precursors as Therapeutic Targets for Age-Related Degenerative Diseases: Rationale, Biochemistry, Pharmacokinetics, and Outcomes

NADH for PD:

short history of NAD related work from 2016, anecdotal evidence suggest its a game changer
measuring NAD is hard to do
precursors taken orally – do they surviv? NADD patched, iv,supossitory…

liposomal NMN ?

all precursors will be tested soon
NAD deficit might be high so that 2x increase in NAD level is not significant