Macros – low carb/keto

Mannitol – reduce cnf? 12 gr/day

B12   ?- pending

Glutamin – up glp-1 , pending

Apple pectin, prims, magnesium (Constipation)

Radiation – turning wifi off before sleep

Mitochondria – NAD? precursor? pending

Ketone – using supplement + trying keto, in progress, also

Trying IF( 12h fasting window)

5/2 diet

IF fasting 12 h

microbiome -XBN21 probiotic eat alph-synuclin agragets(gut brain) – in progress

leaky gut – avoiding Gluten and elergans – in progress

Testing – slef decode, syrx, q silver, leaky gut test? calcium score (for keto)?

Mold – cleaning, test ? detox? move?

PD pandemic agent, see jhon baron, test? detox, move?

Anti aging – get hungry/ get out off breath few times a week, consume oiive oil (david sinnclier)

David Sinclair personal anti aging supplements protocol
NMN 1 gr with food(fat) in the morning, proven to raise NAD
Reversatol 0.5 gr

Metformin 1 gr at night



cerckedian cycle


multi mineral without calcium carbonate

active charkol  1-2 times  a week? reduce toxic burden? treat te food? pending

vit D dosage without K2? pending

vit C 1 gr, max while on cumadin

B-100 – got side effects, also for B-50, retry

omega 3  flaxseed, eggs

cholesterol – egges, meat

Keto  – aim for trace Atcheson (Aram)    #q11 evidence reference missing

Tyramin   –  avoid/limit apple cider vinegar, dried  fruits, avocado etc. seems to raise blood pressure (due to azilect)

avoid gluten, dairy, soy, processed

check if meat/beef raise BP (dr gardner)

dark chocolate, cacao – raise INR, #q12 use to minimize cumadin dosage?

charkol+clay? peel? in cooking?


EMF protection (hat, turn off WIFI+selular )

reduce non-persistent pollutants (air filters, water filters)


TitleAction itemsConditionsPatientsaction_item_hfilterconditions_hfilterpatient_id_hfilter
Ketogenic diet or exogenous ketone bodies may alleviate lymphedematry-itlymphedemap0
Trichloroethylene suspected as major cause  of Idiopathic PDinstall-air-water-filterspd neurologyp0
Oral Glutamine Increases Circulating GLP-1, Glucagon and Insulin Levels in Lean, Obese and Type 2 Diabetic Subjects, try-itdiabetes pd neurologyp0
Stem cell tearaphy for PD, , , ad diabetes ms pd neurologyp0
Adequate Vitamin B12 and low Homocysteine Levels may slow  progression of PDtry-itpd neurologyp0
Drugs that suppress immune system may protect against Parkinson’s | Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louispd neurologyp0
probiotics Bacillus subtilis PXN® 21® eliminates alpha-synuclein aggregates, possible PD treatmenttry-itpd neurologyp0
Chelation of iron accumulation in the brain, , ad neurology pdp0
The Use of Dental Almagam Fillings, , , remove-amalgamad ms neurology pdp0
Mycoplasma (and bacteria in general) as a Cause of Narrowing of the Cardiovascular Valvescardio-vascularp0
Rehabilitation of Mitochondria by Lipid Replacement, , diabetes neurology pdp0
Caloric vestibular stimulation (CVS) relieved motor and non-motor symptoms(PD), neurology pdp0
Low Tyramin dietp0
Future: The A1 astrocyte paradigm: New way for pharmacological intervention in neurodegeneration – PubMed, neurology pdp0
Circadian Biology and PDgo-to-sleep-earlypd neurologyp0
Treatment of Mitochondrial Dysfunction with Natural Supplementspd neurologyp0
Cholesterol Provides Some Protection Against PD pd neurologyp0
Could Parkinson’s be Caused by Infection?, neurology pdp0
In Development: Neuralink’s Brain Implants , to Treat PDpd neurologyp0
The Link Between Helicobacter Pylori and PD?pd neurologyp0
Types of Keto Testing, Blood Glucose Testing, and Types of Exogenous Ketonespd neurologyp0
Can RYR supplements Potentially be Related to a High Risk of PD?pd neurologyp0
Neuronal Autophagy and the Predisposition for PDgood-to-knowpd neurologyp0
What is the Potential of Stem Cell Treatment for PD? (YouTube Webinar)must-knowpd neurologyp0
2020 Clinical Trial: Mannitol for PDtry-itpd neurologyp0
Cold/Hot Exposuretry-itpd neurologyp0
Drug-Induced PDpd neurologyp0
Probiotics for PDpd neurologyp0
Probiotics for constipationtry-upd neurologyp0
New treatments for PD, in trialspd neurologyp0
Sulforaphane, boost liver enzyme, Broccoli sprouts, heat-shock-protein read-morepd neurologyp0
NADD+ and NADHread-morepd neurologyp0
David Sinclair personal anti aging supplements protocol, try-itaging pd neurologyp0
Autophagy supplementstry-itpd neurologyp0
Infection by Prion-like infection α-synucleinconsider-itpd neurologyp0
kidny and liver supportp0



possible allergen causing igg>700 and edema
black menta gum
Maccuna extract
“king” nuts from all-on-weight – breathing difficulty seems to cause abdominal pain, stabbing ++–

check MCT fat absorption via the lymph system – possible effect on the lymph and on the nerves


gum – effect PD symptoms

artificial sweeteners ->suger level


oral ring

heavy metals

use luminosity games as an assessment tool

#q17 what to do with  positive bug tests

#q18 whats with helicobacter

#q19 what to do with  positive adrenal test results

get the selfhack  genetic report

Signal  diary:

I took sifrall ++ put on compression sock AD  – short time after got blance and sticking issues, a doctor at justanswer.com said to check blood flow to the brain

after getting a multi mineral i felt feelings of a hat on head, followed by wired body sensations( i  think a form of lightheadedness)



rat poison and othr+ poisons spread by the city ++

corona vaccine cause worsen inflammation and therefore  worsen PD ++++


ger& sweets –>movment,   ++

apple pectin -> const + – (some research says its good for const./dieriia) ++++

B-100 Complex –> seems to promote helu before sleep or on wakeup ++++++

Treadmill handles –>seem to cause palpitation, maybe static charge  ++++++
get earthing gear

gum chewing, extensive –> some head pains and sensations ++++++, Bacteremia?? increase PD symptoms

The weird back of the neck – a symptom of being dizzy
laid back  sitting    +2
co-q10   reduce INR (known to mimic vit K)+1
compression AD  cause PD symptoms +

L-DOPA cause lightheadedness (or may cause it)

Facts relevant to the protocol:

co-q10   reduce INR,known to mimic vit K

Xylitol gum+sweetner – reduce oxalates + bind calcium (see Wiki)
i think it caused strong palpitation when calcium in blood was reduced
GLitzrol gum sweetener, i think fat-based so keto-friendly, but has symptoms like heart racing and maybe palpitations, lightheadedness

calcium carbonate cause calcification, see healthline.com

persistent inflammation cause calcification

#q20 acidity cause  calcification

#q21 acidity to fight pathogens

vit C up to 1 gram  ? interaction with warfarin?

prebiotics – apple pectin (const – some evidence)
probiotics – Life + buy Danone activa
vit k2 50 mg – stopped as INR decreased
multi mineral with 100 iu vit D3 + 1,000 iu stand-alone, clear vit D dosage
vit D – risk of calcification due to low K+K2 while taking warfarin

no oil – trigger palpitations, maybe due to acid reflux (including softgel with oil  content)

blood pressure (BP) – affected by Tyramin, cold exposure, red meat, Tyramin seems the main contributor

reduce high inr  with vitamin K | vit K – warfarin ratio

The use of vitamin K to reduce high INR


jaw drop,   falling asleep at the computer, starring



get potato peeler

get air filters

get/play brain game/basketball/skateboard/motorcycle ride (old exercise vs new exercise) most important chinups+pushups

Q10   small dosage, need to clear 1,200 mg dosage but seems to reduce INR, #q13    find different formula?
no softgels , use capsules only (oil seems to trigger palpitations)

resveratrol conflicting info, not taking for now #q14
Keaton – ? oil …acid reflux issues MCT-oil + butter, taking both with food – buy BHB poder form! usage? stop if doing keto? #q15

Vit E, better from food, used shreded nuts and seeds
Solfa – from food

Alchohol detox for heavy metals??? #q16



succes stories – the was one with nutrition??

Mitochondria – NR+ liposomals +resveratol (david sincler), Q10 1,200 mg (not clear for this dosage

check full protocol and supplement

Acid reflux – apple cider vinegar ,HCL+enzymes      

#q4: verify the stomach-esophagus valve closing well with acidity in range

disbiosis, sibo, leaky gut

#q9 get colestrum for the leack gut

#q6: Botanical antibiotics? (vit k, constipation): Oregano oil? other?

doing pre/probiotics, favor     biofidus apple pectin

doing Restore

#q7: restore 4  life clinical studies


Vit C powder (ascorbic acid)

#q10: Vit D – will D cause calcification of soft tissue? solutions?

#q8: does C deplete electrolits, dr Jeffy formula prevent depeltion?



#q9: chewing gum


blood letting

expose blood to light


Intermitent fasting + caloric restriction, see research by Mark Mason

towords keto fast

#q6:Keto fast

#q7: the switch, M-tor, max autophagy on intermitent fast ?


Mind body:

Hypnosis (mantra, hizachrut,  walking meditation )

Dispenza ?

wim hof? vegas nerv      —   this is    currently the chosen practice



walking, weight

40%  over normal speed

use cables

buy meter


Signals, events

Follow related news, success stories


Posture; 8 shape elastic bend for the shoulders

oxigen pressure chember – at the Sagol center, they say its contra indicated for PD

K freediet


cercedian cycle (sechin panda)


sources: Grain brain book & site, lectins books on self hacked, The autoimmune fix Tom Obrian, personal test and experience

Insulin resistance

sources: Brain grain, Jason Fung – idmprogram.com


12 hours eating window

find research to support this

Sleep : early, 7+ hours, naps

exercise: forced speed – motor learning, aerobic, resistance, typing speed, brain excessive?


detox: sweat, reduce toxic load (air filter, water, organic food)

meds, mannitol

stem cells?

pressure cabin -ted  – contraindication

Mold, Canndida – ? get liposomal glutatation or oral precursors, get more info)

Anti bacterial ?

Anti viral ?


autoimmune fix transition protocol   ?

socialize ?

meaning ?







Treat the food

Adrenal fatigue/ Cortisol level

Mold, Canndida – get liposomal glutatation or oral precursors, get more info)

Anti bacterial

Anti viral

autoimmune fix transition protocol

Food sensitivities/ food diary

Timeline, check issues (undecil)

autoimmune fix 6 weeks transition protocol
Leaky Gut protocol
Herbal Antibiotics
Herbal Antivirals
postpone (vegan source) protein intake until evening
N-hexacosanol and fisetin
mutant (A53T) α-synuclein exhibit impaired autonomic regulation of heart rate characterized by elevated resting heart rate
Autosuggestion, hypnosis
Inflammation, anti inflammatory nutrients, diet
Toxicology tests
Forced exercise 35% improvement, motor learning ? upregulate dopamine
Exercise enhanced Neuroplasticity
Insulin Resistance, GLP-1 analogues, Incretin Mimetics for AD and PD
Oral hygiene – oil pulling coconut oil, adding ginger and lavender
neuroprotective effect of nicotine and coffee in PD and AD
Chronic heavy metal toxicity
Hit shock effect, Sulforaphane, sauna, exercise in hot env
Dirty dozen & clean 15
The neuroprotective effect of coenzyme Q(10) (CoQ(10))
Cyrex Arrey
Longevity diet + Long fast (fmd), Intermintent fasting 5:2 16:8
kidny and liver support
Organic food, treat the food
Circadian rhythm
Leaky gut, gluten, grain
dr marty hinz amino acid protocol
Infection causing chronic disease, treatment options
Molds in house/body
Reduce burden of non persistent (short half life) toxins with on going exposure
NLP -auto suggestion
Heat shock effect