Fact Sheet: Dietary Supplements for Primary Mitochodrial Disorders

NIH publishes a fact sheet for health professionals on dietary supplements for primary mitochondrial disorders. The fact sheet summarizes published scientific trials, other studies, and reports on the use of dietary supplements to treat primary mitochondrial disorders. The most common ingredients in dietary supplements used in PMD therapy include vitamin C, vitamin E, and alpha-lipoic acid; electron donors and acceptors, such as CoQ10and riboflavin; compounds that can be used as alternative energy sources, such as creatine; and compounds that can conjugate or bind mitochondrial toxins, such as carnitine. A combination of these products is commonly called a mitochondrial cocktail. However, there are many combinations and dosages so the term is nonspecific and nondescriptive. Drug interaction needs to be taken into consideration as well as the level of evidence of efficiency, quality of ingredients, and dosage.

Source: Dietary Supplements for Primary Mitochondrial Disorders – Health Professional Fact Sheet