Diet and Nutrition as Migraine Triggers

A systematic literature review published on NCBI in July 2020 summarizes evidence from various publications in regard to the role of diet and nutrition as a cause of migraines and as migraine triggers. Data was gathered from primary literature sources from March 2019 to January 2000 in patients over 18 years old. A total of 43 studies were included in the review assessing diet patterns, diet interventions, and diet-related triggers. Among the diets assessed were low-fat, elimination diets, keto diet, and diet-related triggers such as alcohol and caffeine. The review concluded that there is limited high-quality randomized controlled trial data on diet patterns or diet-related triggers. Although many patients already reported avoiding personal diet-related triggers in their migraine management, further research is necessary.

Source: The Role of Diet and Nutrition in Migraine Triggers and Treatments; a systematic literature review