Overactive mTORC1 Signaling, Acne, the Western Diet, and More Serious Diseases

In industrialized countries over 85% of teenagers suffer from acne vulgaris. It is considered a disease of western civilization and thus not a physiological phenomenon of puberty but rather a visible risk indicator pointing to aberrant nutrient signaling promoting chronic epidemic diseases of civilization. Dairy, junk foods, meat, and egg proteins conspire to raise the activity of the enzyme mTORC1 contributing to obesity and acne. There is now evidence of the connection between dairy and the over-stimulation of mTORC1. This implies that the majority of the western population is living with overactivated mTORC1 signaling which is a major pathogenic factor leading to other serious diseases. Cow milk naturally stimulants mTORC1 appropriately for calves but for humans, it leads to over-stimulation. This means that using diet to cure acne by suppressing mTORC1 may also prevent more serious mTORC1-driven diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.