David Sinclair personal anti aging supplements protocol

NMN 1 gr with food(fat) in the morning, proven to raise NAD

Reversatol 0.5 gr (checkout Uleic acid – olive oil alternative)

Metformin 1 gr at night (checkout supplement alternative Berberine )

#q1: checkout this supplement

#q2: interaction with Warfarin

Avoid mamals due to TAMO
From 4:30 here:

another list,from fastlifehacks.com/david-sinclair-supplements/

David Sinclair Takes:

Resveratrol – 1g/daily – mornings with yogurt (see where to buy)
Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) – 1g/daily – mornings (see where to buy)
Metformin (prescription drug) – 1g/daily in the evenings – except on days when exercising
Multivitamins? Only vitamin D3 with K2, he aims to get the rest from his diet
Statin (prescription drug) – taken since his early 20s due to family history of cardiovascular disease
Aspirin – 83mg daily

make a list according to this guy

checkout Uleic vs resveratrol


Metformin may increase risk of PD and other neurodegenerative disease