Dr Alok Sharma, India, stem cell injections to spinal fluid


can’t use donor stem cells when injecting to spinal fluid, because it has a preservative or something

Using own stem cells generated from patient fat tissue or bone merrow

they treat several neurological conditions, but does not mention PD, it’ll sent them a question

Dr Alok also points that some countries in Asia including China and India are ahead of the US in stem cell research and applications. The reason is president Bush banned stem cell due to ethical concerns Obama resumed stem cell research and applications but some gap still exist

MSC Stem cell testimonials

Looking at testimonials of elite athletes treated with stem cell injections

Testimonials from Stem cell institute in panama, including Joe Rogan and Tony robins >>

Dr Yoni Whitten tried stem cells

also, has Ebook

Stem Cell Mistakes Ebook

CPI clinic in Mexico

Has some testimonies here
very happy client here

UFC competitor talk with Joe Rogan about his treatment at CPI

Another UFC guy treated at CPI, talks to Joe Rogan

UFC guy talks to Joe Rogan about his stem cell treatments at Bioxcellerator in Colombia

Bodybuilder did intense stem cell therapy with amazing results

UFC champion and current belt holder, Sean O’Malley, visit the clinic to treat his knee and other issues, treatment comprise of stem cell. HBOT, PRP injections, the visit has a lot of PR

MSC stem cells for Pennies improvement

Ross Edgley swam around UK, and then got stem cells for many joints

Dr Mark Hyman got a similar treatment

Ben Greenfield repeated the treatment 3 more times, says he feel like 18 years old. This is the most expensive treatment, as it targets many joints and it’s done in the US. Due to US regulation, growing stem cells culture in the lab is not allowed, all stem cells are from the client or from the donor, this also makes the treatment expansive, growing stem cell in a lab for many generations reduce costs but has negative side effects. growing stem cells for up to 2 generations or so is OK (if I remember correctly from lecture by Dr Rirden from the Panama clinic.

The Clinic docereclinics.com, is going to offer an affordable version of the treatment soon.

The parkinson’s epidemic, TCE, Paraquat

Parkinson’s disease was a rare disease 200 years ago, and is now  common

The number of PD cases doubled in the last 20 years

Young onset PD is a recent phenomena

So, environmental changes,   and industrialization, may play a role

TCE – has many uses, produced in large amounts, cause PD, may be a leading cause of the rise in PD cases

Paraquat – weed killer, heavily used, cause PD

Lecture by one of the writers of “Ending Parkinson deases”

Below, Nurologist and author David Perelmuter interview Dr. Ray Dorsey

The Stanford/Dr Tass, Vibration glove treatment for PD


discussuion on reddit

Any thoughts on the Vibration Gloves?
by u/cicla in Parkinsons

few notes

according to the video, the glove treatment is very affective, some results show after 1 day, at least for some people the effect of symptom reduction is amazing, this suggest that the cause of symptoms was not massive dopaminergic cell death but instead, dysregulation of dopaminergic cells that disrupted dopamine production

the developer of the treatment looks at the problem (PD..dopaminergic cells not releasing dopamine) from a systems perspective, and develop a way to reset existing dysregulation (or more specifically disrupt synchronization – a process in which one cell type sync other cell types, to behave like it )

it’s a way to reboot/restart to prevent accumulation of processing errors. actually it’s more targeted then a general restart. Maybe Electroconvulsive therapy, more suitable “reset” option ..some evidence >>

for example, you can solve most Windows errors simply by rebooting it. If you had to dive into some window issue (e.g. computer hanging, slow, printer messed, weird error message, apps installed don’t work..) well, not a realistic goal

so, when looking at parkinson’s from a system approach perspective, a good start would be to find a way to reboot you system

this will not solve all issues, e.g. if you got PD from exposure to a toxin rebooting your system will not to much

same with windows, if you got a computer virus and it’s causing issue. a reboot might not be sufficient

but in case a particular sequence of events is not handled well by the system and cause an error situation with lasting effect.. reboot might help as long as you don’t repeat that sequence

in my case, many years ago, I lost my sense of smell, at the time, I theorized that my intuition took over some of the neurons dedicated to the processing of smell, intuition was one of my mostly used “modules” ( see Meir Briges type classifier, this personality type classification is based on identifying the main modules used’ e.g thinking/sensing/feeling/intuiting)

clinical trials >>

Tass lab >>

Exercise does not affect Levodopa response

We studied 10 regular exercising men with Parkinson’s disease on levodopa (LD) under two conditions–no exercise and vigorous exercise started 1 hour after LD ingestion. We compared LD levels and motor scores on the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS). There was a high degree of agreeme …

Source: Blood levodopa levels and unified Parkinson’s disease rating scale function: with and without exercise – PubMed